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Bible Engagement

Through partnerships with churches and ministries, providing programs and resources to engage people more deeply in Scripture for life application and transformation.


Biblica Engagement Programs

Children For Christ (C4C)

This is Biblica’s outreach to children to introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ. At this stage the materials are a mix of pictorial and engaging prose.

Reach For Life (R4L)

On face value it looks like the society places too much value on sex. But when you think about it, if it did then it would not be so misused and misunderstood. R$L is a program that targets adolescents to instill in them values and encourage them to value themselves. It has lessons that are incorporated in the New Testament

Community Bible Experience (CBE)

The bible is really a story. Beginning with creation and winding all the way to Jesus Christ dying on the cross to save humanity. CBE encourages the bible be read in community and as a story and not in ‘nuggets’ (chapters and verses).

Equipping Church Leaders (ECL)

Using the local language bible where they are available of the NIV Study Bible, people called to preach the word of God but have no formal bible training are taken through lessons on how to read, understand and interpret bible text. They are then equipped with a study bible to aid their own study as they preach and teach others about the love of Christ

Internally Displaced Persons Outreach (IDP)

The world has many persecuted people and Africa is certainly not immune to this. Political and religious instigated strife has left many people homeless in their own countries! These people need to know that God cares for them and that Jesus died even for them. Biblica avails the word of God in their language.

Muslim Outreach

We shall not rest until everyone has had a chance to encounter the life transforming love of Jesus Christ. It is that we reach out to our brothers and sisters from other faiths.