Anna’s Redemption Story

Anna was a 12-year-old girl who had been drinking, sleeping around with grown men and had even run away from home and was living with a man but was still attending school. She was totally anti-church.

One day Eric invited her for VBS and was pleasantly surprised when she attended the first day. God ministered to her and for the next few days she was faithful in attending from morning till evening – even helping out in cleaning up dishes afterwards.

On the Friday, she accepted Christ, giving her life and heart to him – to the joy of all who witnessed the miracle! The team prayed for her and have been walking with her to build up her faith.

Anna has since returned home, stopped drinking, and faithfully attends church every Sunday. Boys still try to ‘confuse’ her but the radical transformation that occurred since her encounter with Jesus at VBS continues – a testament to many of the power of God to transform the lives of children.

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Weekly Devotion

  • Is God Really Good? I can’t understand why God allowed this pandemic to happen. An enemy we can’t see suddenly appears and indiscriminately starts killing innocent people. Even nurses, doctors, and first responders who work night and day to help those who are sick become ill and die. It’s so unfair! How can God let this happen? When we suffer a painful crisis, it’s normal to ask questions. We want to know who is to blame, why the crisis occurred, what could have been done to prevent it, what more we can do to stop it, and what God is doing in the midst… Read more