Biblica Africa Outreach During Covid 19 Season


QUARTER 3 2020: APRIL – JUNE 2020

During this quarter, most of our countries are in ‘shut-down’ due to Covid. This means that there is limited movement hence physical meeting are almost impossible except for a few pockets on the continent. Our country offices were able to think out of the box and start employing various digital methods of reaching those in need of God’s Word.

We had some partners run the R4L trainings on Facebook, Others used their podcasts while many distributed the 4 journeys on Youversion via WhatsApp. Some Young people aped the scribes of old by handwriting the New Testament in Amharic!

The Covid resources were also broadcast on radio and Facebook.

As the saying goes, ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’. This has been proven true during these unprecedented times.


Translation Status

Project nameETA
EweSeptember 2020
NdebeleSeptember 2020
OromoDecember 2021
Amharic SBJune 2022
Mozambican PortugueseJanuary 2024 – yet to start
KirundiJuly 2024
TigrinyaFebruary 2025
IbibioJune 2025
Cushitic NT/OTDecember 2025/Dec 2031
Kiswahili Study BibleOctober 2021 – Not a Translation project

Audio recording

This will be re-started in the new FY with the following projects slated for recording:

  1. Asante Twi – Ghana
  2. Yoruba – Nigeria
  3. Lingala – DRC
  4. Akwapem Twi – Ghana
  5. Éwé – Ghana
  6. Dholuo – Kenya

In Ghana, our office is collaborating with Theovision and Faith Comes By Hearing to record the Asante Twi Bible.


Africa Area Office:

  • Working with Soma Biblia and the Publishing Office to establish the best way forward for production of Kiswahili/ English Bibles.
  • We have been in communication with Derek Prince Ministries. This is a partner that we plan to expand our work with in East Africa. They are ready to run Equipping Leaders program in Uganda and Tanzania in addition to Kenya. They have also taken stock of our products that were in the Biblica Uganda Office.
  • Young Life: We had meetings to get to know our partner better – they work in 29 countries in Africa and basically reach Youth that are in both conventional and non-conventional places like villages and neighborhoods. They have a strong discipleship ministry for the youth. We thereafter received their order for this FY of about 48,000 Bibles which we are working on. The US Office has received their payment of $350K for this order.
  • R4L App: This is in the discussion phase pending development in the new FY. The Global Resources Office has had meetings with different ones of us and now reaching out to partners so that they create a product that is relevant.
  • Fields of Life: This partner, funded through their charity in the UK, has ministry in Uganda among the Youth. We delivered 8,000 Treasure Hunt Bibles for their outreach.

South Africa

  • Covid Resources:
    • Biblica South Africa is working with the Licensing Office to license World Vision the use of When your Whole World Changes (WYWWC) for use on their social media platforms. This was granted.
    • Transworld Radio: A license to be given for the audio distribution of the Covid Materials in Portuguese.
    • World Vision, Transworld and One Hope: Working on a joint outreach to address the Covid situation.
  • Awana: They have a wide reach in 4 Southern Africa countries (South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana). They are intent on using the R4L for their programs.
  • Ndebele Bible Launch: This is slated for June 2021 and there is a possibility of having investors attend the celebration if travel will be back to normal.
  • Working with World Vision and Bible Society of Mozambique on the distribution of Chichewa and Portuguese Bibles.
  • Zimbabwe: While Reach for Life program is not able to proceed due to the shut down and difficulty of running it online, the Prisons department are excited about receiving Bibles and booklets for the outreach. Our partner Salit is following up on this.

West Africa

  • Reach for Life: Most of our partners are using digital methods of reaching out to the youth during this period.
    • Hopespring Foundation: They have been the most active partner sending out the R4L lessons through WhatsApp. They completed the 4 journeys with some groups and have started on the reading through the New Testament.
    • Youth for Christ, Nigeria: They have used their G20 clubs to reach their youth and used their podcast service for those that cannot meet physically.
    • Manna Resource, Jos, Nigeria: They have managed to have physical meetings with youth over the period.
    • Jesus Agit, Senegal: This partner first started out with the use of WhatsApp to reach the youth and when it did not bear much fruit, they switched over to Facebook.
    • Enugu, Nigeria: Online uptake of lessons is slow, most probably most youth cannot afford to be online. This means that physical meeting bore more fruit.
    • Passion Bearers Ministry was able to reach 550 youth through online broadcasting of the sexual revolution.
  • Meetings have been held on the way forward concerning Bible Celebrations that had been planned for this FY – Yoruba, Hausa, Asante Twi and Ibibio NT. Now these will be held toward the end of this FY with much smaller crowds in keeping with the restrictions of Covid- 19. The dates are:
    • Yoruba – August 7, 2020
    • Hausa – August 22, 2020
    • Ibibio NT – August 27, 2020
    • Asante Twi – To be confirmed

North East Africa

  • Haille Yesus: This is a new partner that decided to carry out a new project among the youth during this lock-down period: Having youth handwrite the New Testament! This has the youth engaged in something productive and interact with scriptures. By the end of the period, 171 young scribes had completed their New Testaments. (See Pictures below of 2 young people)
  • Samaritan’s Purse: They have been distributing the Survivors Booklet
  • Scripture Union: Have participated both in Scripture outreach and Children outreach by giving out Bibles and booklets.
  • Love Drive: They distribute food to those in need and made use of our booklets to supplement the physical needs.

East Africa

  • Covid Response:
    • Working alongside partners and Churches that are doing food distribution, Biblica has been giving out our books and Bibles. Some of the partners include Serve Now, Nairobi Chapel and other Churches
    • Radio Stations: We have approached several radio Stations to air the 30-day WYWWC devotional. Lulu FM was one of the first with a reach of 100,000 listeners.
    • Digital Use: Quite a few partners have used WhatsApp and Facebook to broadcast the WYWWC devotionals with a combined reach over 20,000 followers.
    • TV Stations: We are still pursuing the use of TV for this outreach.
  • Children Outreach: Worked with ATYA to give out 500 Bible Adventures.
  • Project Asha: Adopted from Biblica East Asia, it is a program for abused women. We are working with Baptist Outreach on this project.
  • Bikers Outreach: Following the suggestion to start an outreach to public transportation in Africa, the Kenya team has been reaching out to motorcycle riders commonly called ‘boda boda riders’ with God’s Word.
  • Military Outreach in Southern Sudan: The military is a very present reality in war-torn Southern Sudan. The Episcopal Church is very intentional on discipleship of not just the military but also youth and children. They are partnering Biblica Sudan to run equipping leaders among the Army Chaplains and Bible distribution to the military. They are also interested in running the R4L program,

Bible Engagement

This is the summary of what was achieved in Bible Engagement through partners.

West AfricaNorth East AfricaEast AfricaSouthern Africa
R4LDistribution – 789 Reach – 4,621 Salvation – 167 Purity Pledge- 19 Partners – 16
Distribution – 118 Partners – 2 Reach – 315 Salvation – 23Distribution – 0 Reach – 5,326 Purity Pledge – 284
Equipping Leaders0000
Muslim Outreach001000
Prison Ministry0000
IDP Outreach0000
Scripture Outreach0000
Covid OutreachReach – 270,000 Post Engagement – 75,884
Distribution – 7650 Reach – 120,000
Salvation – 61


  • Praise God for the safe arrival of Hausa, Yoruba, Asante Twi and Akwapem Twi Bibles in West Africa
  • Praise God that all the staff and their loved ones are well; our translators and contract staff are well too.
  • Pray for the Bible launches planned for before the end of the FY
  • Pray for the safe shipping of R4L and NIV Bibles currently ongoing.
  • Pray for stability in Ethiopia, there has been unrest
  • Pray for our economies as affected by the Covid 19 pandemic
  • Pray for the work of our ministry and commercial partners considering the season.
  • Pray for the Church in Africa – that it may be responsive to the needs of the people
  • Pray for the Exchange Rate Stability in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria

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