Strength for Tomorrow.

Dealing with COVID-19 has been difficult for me. But it has been very painful for people who have lost loved ones and devasted others financially. We all look forward to the end of this illness, but I’m afraid that we may have to deal with it for a long time. I hope we have the […]

Life to the Full.

I miss my old life. I wish everything could just go back to normal again. I know the difficulties and fears of today will pass. Here and there I see signs of a new life ahead. Some businesses look like they’re cleaning up and getting ready to open, but I don’t think life will ever […]


I have found myself in so many different situations recently. My mind replays each moment. I hear the sounds, see the images, remember the faces. It’s not that I want to forget everything that has happened; I want to find peace from the flood of thoughts and have a new perspective on it all. When […]

Not the Same Person

I didn’t expect things to be so different. It’s a challenge to put my life back together in the “new normal” without the resources and opportunities we used to have. We’re thinking about what’s important and making decisions about things we hadn’t thought about before. I realize I’ve changed. I don’t look at things quite […]

Gloom Lifting.

The fears and losses of the pandemic are still with me, but some days I feel the gloom lifting. The little pleasures in life are coming back. I look for a beautiful sunrise or sunset. I go outside to inhale the rain-freshened air after a storm. I welcome a call from a friend and laugh […]


Nothing will ever be the same. There have been so many changes: how we work, how we shop for food, our sense of belonging, how we engage with our community, and even how we live as a family. I don’t know what I can rely on anymore. It’s true. Life will be different for some […]

Dare to Hope!

As this crisis continues, it sometimes feels hopeless and impossible to go on. The things I used to look forward to are gone, and I don’t know what to hope for in the future. I keep thinking of that old saying: Life is hard and then you die. But I have a different take on […]


Am I angry? What do you think? We can’t even meet our most basic needs, and I can’t get help anywhere. It’s like no one even cares. Yes, I’m angry—very angry about everything! It’s frustrating when we experience a major loss of control in our lives as we are experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic. When […]

Security in Chaos

Every day brings new changes in life. Nothing—not even going out to buy bread or milk—is as simple as it used to be. Everything is in chaos. I’m becoming afraid of what tomorrow might bring. What will happen if I can’t get food or medicine? Will life ever return to normal? Wherever you live in […]

Is God Really Good?

I can’t understand why God allowed this pandemic to happen. An enemy we can’t see suddenly appears and indiscriminately starts killing innocent people. Even nurses, doctors, and first responders who work night and day to help those who are sick become ill and die. It’s so unfair! How can God let this happen? When we […]

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