Generous Love

I’ve always thought of myself as a generous person,but a strange thing happened when I went to buysupplies. They were rationing some of the items we needed,and my first response was to get as much as I could!Even though we only needed one item, I got twobecause I could. Later, I felt guilty. What if […]

Feeling Stuck

I keep thinking about everything that has happenedsince people started becoming ill; the grief of thefamilies whose loved ones have died, the sacrificesof health care workers and others who are trying tosave people, the people who have lost their jobs andcan’t buy food or pay for their home. I want to help, but I feel […]

Living Well

It’s been hard to live well during the COVID-19pandemic. Even the routine, everyday tasks ofliving aren’t the same. Just when I think I have it allfigured out, things change again. I’ve always been able to reach out and help others,but right now I don’t know what people need orwhat I can do to help them. […]

Moving Forward

I’m feeling like I can move forward. I’m beginning to feel that these difficultcircumstances will end soon. I want to celebrate and focus on my future.But then I feel guilty and feel that I’m betrayingthe people who have died. Life has recognizable seasons, cycles,and rhythms. It doesn’t stop for very long. When the chaos of […]

Is God Punishing Us?

When I have a moment to myself, I wonder why God has allowed this pandemic to happen.  Is God angry with us?  Is God punishing us? Some people say he is, and that we deserve this. That makes me feel guilty about what’s happening.  Does God still love us, or has he turned his back […]

Gloom Lifting.

The fears and losses of the pandemic are still with me, but some days I feel the gloom lifting. The little pleasures in life are coming back. I look for a beautiful sunrise or sunset. I go outside to inhale the rain-freshened air after a storm. I welcome a call from a friend and laugh […]

Feeling Vulnerable

So much has happened—and things continue to happen.  I can’t stop the onslaught of bad news. I can’t even protect and provide for my home and family. I feel so powerless and vulnerable. The world doesn’t seem safe anymore. One reason pandemics are frightening is because they are beyond our control. We may know what’s […]

No More!

I’ve had it! I can’t concentrate on anything. It’s so hard to remember what people are trying to tell me. I’m utterly exhausted, but I can’t sleep. I feel so nauseous I can’t eat. I’m irritated with everyone and impatient about everything. I just want it all to go away! Dealing with disaster or crisis […]

Is God Really Good?

I can’t understand why God allowed this pandemic to happen. An enemy we can’t see suddenly appears and indiscriminately starts killing innocent people. Even nurses, doctors, and first responders who work night and day to help those who are sick become ill and die. It’s so unfair! How can God let this happen? When we […]

Strength for Tomorrow

Dealing with COVID-19 has been difficult for me.But it has been very painful for people who havelost loved ones and devastated others financially. We all look forward to the end of this illness, but I’mafraid that we may have to deal with it for a long time. I hope we have the strength for whateverlies […]

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Weekly Devotion

  • Alone in Grief My heart aches! People are losing their jobs and maybe their homes. Students are missing out on future opportunities. Some business owners have lost their income and their life savings. And the loss of life is terrible. Even worse, we can’t be there for one another. I’m so discouraged I sometimes don’t know how to go on. God didn’t create us to fend for ourselves in our grief. He placed us in families, with friends, and in communities so we can share the good times and bad times of life together. The Bible affirms the value of our human relationships—… Read more