Sharing Comfort

Once I started running a fever, I had to self-quarantine for 14 long days. For someone who is driven to accomplish things, that time alonewas torture. I was too tired to eat. I was lonely and afraidthat I might get worse. It turns out I didn’t haveCOVID-19, but now that I’ve recovered, I feellike my […]


Nothing will ever be the same. There have been so many changes: how we work, how we shop for food, our sense of belonging, how we engage with our community, and even how we live as a family. I don’t know what I can rely on anymore. It’s true. Life will be different for some […]

Who Understands?

 I thought things might be looking up a bit, but the news today wasn’t good. I’m so discouraged and exhausted by this whole mess. I don’t want to hear or see another news report. I don’t need reminders that it could be worse. I don’t want another smiling face telling me that going through this […]

Unstoppable Tears

I find myself crying at unpredictable moments. It’s bad enough when I’m alone, but when I cry around other people, I feel weak and embarrassed. I feel like I should explain myself, but most of the time I can’t. I just feel unbearably sad and frustrated. It’s not unusual to experience deep feelings of sorrow, […]

Strength for Tomorrow.

Dealing with COVID-19 has been difficult for me. But it has been very painful for people who have lost loved ones and devasted others financially. We all look forward to the end of this illness, but I’m afraid that we may have to deal with it for a long time. I hope we have the […]

Life to the Full.

I miss my old life. I wish everything could just go back to normal again. I know the difficulties and fears of today will pass. Here and there I see signs of a new life ahead. Some businesses look like they’re cleaning up and getting ready to open, but I don’t think life will ever […]

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Weekly Devotion

  • Alone in Grief My heart aches! People are losing their jobs and maybe their homes. Students are missing out on future opportunities. Some business owners have lost their income and their life savings. And the loss of life is terrible. Even worse, we can’t be there for one another. I’m so discouraged I sometimes don’t know how to go on. God didn’t create us to fend for ourselves in our grief. He placed us in families, with friends, and in communities so we can share the good times and bad times of life together. The Bible affirms the value of our human relationships—… Read more