How Salma found freedom

(Names have been changed to protect her identity)

“I was born in a Muslim family, I lost my parents at a very tender age. I was raised by my uncle who was also a Muslim. I had heard the word of God being preached before, but I never paid much attention.

One day I received a Bible from Biblica through Life Ministry office in Isiolo and I started to read it. Each time I read it, I felt something stir inside me like. I felt like this over and over until I surrendered my life to Christ. Through the Bible, I continued to discover God’s plan for my life.

My uncle was very upset with my decision to convert to Christianity.

I had to flee from home because the entire family was fiercely opposed to my conversion. I sought refuge in the home of a Christian lady who was a friend to my cousin. She graciously agreed to host me until God opened a door for me. My friend is involved in her local church and we regularly attend church and participate in bible study in the house.

Recently my uncle called me, and he told me that he has reported my case to the Muslim council and that they will fast and pray so that I convert back to Islam. I told him to continue praying and that I will continue to pray then at the end we will see whose God will answer. I said this because I believe that my God is the true God and He is all powerful. I am not afraid anymore because I know my God will protect me.

I went ahead to tell him that I will continue praying to my God and I will never turn back from Him because of what He means to me and all that He has done to me.

It is my prayer that my extended family will see my faith and be attracted to know Jesus as their personal savior. For many years I was in bondage reciting prayers that I did not even understand but now I am experiencing true freedom, I can even share my testimony like I am doing now.

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