This is a testimony of a young man who had an encounter with the Lord Jesus during a Reach for Life training for Compassion International, Ghana. Be inspired and enjoy as you read.

“My name is Kingsley, I am 18 years old and a beneficiary of Compassion International Ghana at Juapong. I had the opportunity to be selected by my project leader to represent my project at a Reach for Life Training organized by Biblica for the Asuogyaman Cluster of Compassion International, Ghana. On the final day of the training, I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus during a change lesson on: “Telling Your Story”. This lesson allowed me to take stock of my life, and to learn how I could partner with Jesus for a life-transforming experience.

During prayer time, I realized how empty my life had been! I had been moving with bad friends and engaging in all sorts of bad acts against my mother’s admonishments. I  had a strained relationship with my mother and family because of my bad behavior. I  was in charge of my own life. During the prayer session, however, I surrendered it all to Jesus and I have since reconciled with my mother and now have a healthy relationship with my family – oh what a peaceful experience this has been! – the joy this reconciliation brought into my soul, I cannot explain.

I have been witnessing to my friends using the Reach for Life book, many of whom now call me Kingsley the ‘Newborn’. I feel the change within me and all around me can testify that something has changed about me. One of my friends had said this to me: “I don’t know what happened to you,  but whatever happened to you is good”

I am not the same person anymore after my encounter with Reach for Life. I give glory to Jesus for my life! God bless Biblica for the Reach for Life program.”

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