This is a testimony of a young man who had an encounter with the Lord Jesus during a Reach for Life training for Compassion International, Ghana. Be inspired and enjoy as you read. “My name is Kingsley, I am 18 years old and a beneficiary of Compassion International Ghana at Juapong. I had the opportunity […]

Holding on to God’s Word Despite All Odds

We engage leaders of churches from all denominations at all corners. One of our principal partners in this program engages ministers who otherwise are restricted in their engagement with the Bibles and exposure to foundational Christian teachings. But the benefit and blessing comes with a cost. And some could be told to ‘move over’ for […]


In the middle of one of the greatest pandemics in the world, more lives have been given to Christ than ever before. Christians have become more vigilant and unstoppable as they try every means possible to spread the gospel in times when movement and gatherings are restricted. But within a few months of lockdown in […]


When I first saw the title “Sex is Everywhere” on the Reach for Life Bible, I got goosebumps. Not because I didn’t know it is, but this was the first time someone was brutally honest and open about it especially in a Christian book. We do not like to accept the existence and negative impact […]


Have you ever thought what a blessing it is to be free? Free to even make simple decisions like whether to leave your home in the morning or not, what to do or what not to do, what to eat, or when to sleep? You may not have thought about it, but there are people […]


There are many times we have limited an all-knowing, all-powerful God, to speak one language or just a few. While there are millions shut out from the truth of His Word. Therefore, it is our mission at Biblica to give everyone around the world an opportunity to be transformed by Jesus Christ, one language at […]


Biblica has been partnering with Alive to Serve in East Africa since 2009. This is a ministry that was founded to reach unreached people groups in Northern and Coastal regions of Kenya with a focus on Children. One community reached this quarter was a village made up of Pokomo and Waata tribes. Most of the […]


Agbenya La, Biblica’s contemporary Ewe Bible translation started in the year 1976. The purpose of the project was to give Ewe speakers an alternate Bible that is easy to read, easy to understand, accurate, and in a contemporary language. The philosophy of the translation and the source text was based on the New Living Translation, […]


(AUGUST 2021) Introduction Lingala is a language spoken by around 20 million people mostly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While it is the mother tongue of some, it is spoken by many more as the business language in the country. In fact, this language has been exported to neighboring countries through music. A very […]

The Rising Generation

They say, Africa is a young population. And this is substantiated by the numbers with around 65% of the population living under the age of 24. Reaching this age group isn’t then an option, but a big opportunity that begs for a positive and lasting impact.    With this reality at the background, we are […]

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Weekly Devotion

  • Alone in Grief My heart aches! People are losing their jobs and maybe their homes. Students are missing out on future opportunities. Some business owners have lost their income and their life savings. And the loss of life is terrible. Even worse, we can’t be there for one another. I’m so discouraged I sometimes don’t know how to go on. God didn’t create us to fend for ourselves in our grief. He placed us in families, with friends, and in communities so we can share the good times and bad times of life together. The Bible affirms the value of our human relationships—… Read more