Tanzania is one of the countries that has a great freedom of worship. But that freedom has come with many other false beliefs and religions that have plagued many people.

We are truly blessed to be in partnership with Soma Biblia who have continually committed to raising a God-fearing generation, through the Reach4Life program (Fikia Maisha in Swahili). Their ministry has dedicated a team focused on reaching youths in schools and Churches countrywide. Within the last one year, they have reached over 100,000 youths and over 2,000 have received Christ.

Mr. James Sabuni, the Fikia Maisha Coordinator at Soma Biblia, says, “There are many testimonies of how young people have begun to gain awareness of joining groups in the church. Not only that, but even those who had completely stopped coming to church, this program has been used to attract them to love the church again.”

He gave a testimony of one of the youths who was completely disappointed after his ex-fiancée left him. This young man had decided to commit suicide. However, before he made the final decision, he met a friend who invited him to join the Fikia Maisha group at his church. When he was going through the R4L Bible, he came across one sentence that read, “All pain is an opportunity to move you closer to God”. As he continued reading further, he came across another verse that says, “Believe God’s power of resurrection can help you to overcome all the pain”.

He found the strength and courage to share with his fellow youths the pain he was going through and they prayed with him. He found peace and did not consider suicide anymore. As we speak now, this young man is one of the members of the Fikia Maisha group.

Several other young people from different parts of the country, have recorded their testimonies explaining how Fikia Maisha has been a blessing in their lives. Many openly admit that it has given them the opportunity to be with other youths and share the challenges facing they are facing. Which is very encouraging.

Pastors are also testifying that the church has come alive through young people. They say that it is always a blessing to see young people sitting in small groups in the church learning and discussing their matters happily. This has helped draw many youths back to Church.

Glory to God.

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