Due to the lack of Bibles for Church Planters in Senegal, Mission Jesus Agit resorted to giving out the R4L books for adult use, and to their surprise, it was very well accepted for these reasons:

1.  It is a New Testament, which meets their need for Bibles.

2.  Apart from being a Bible, the churches feel more empowered for ministry with a resource that highlights common social and spiritual issues which are universal.

3.  The cover design makes it easy for both Christians and Muslim new converts to carry it freely.

Even though this is not the intended use for the R4L material, it is still meeting needs, touching lives, and empowering Christians. We also bear in mind that in the Muslim context ministry is always done differently, sometimes even in a reverse manner.

Adult Users of the Reach4Life Resource in Senegal, Ready to receive their Copies

Mission Jesus Agit recently received training for fifteen (15) Reach4Life and twenty (20) Treasure Hunt Bible Facilitators. One trainee, who is a mother, and a Pastor had this to say:

“For lack of appropriate material for the youth and children, we ended up making the decision to have a single common worship service for parents and children. This ended up discouraging the children from coming to church. Now, thanks to this Reach4Life material and the Treasure Hunt Bible, we can start doing two separate services for parents and children. Many thanks to Biblica for these resources and the training on how to use them”

Participants in Treasure Hunt Bible Training Session in Senegal


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