In the middle of one of the greatest pandemics in the world, more lives have been given to Christ than ever before. Christians have become more vigilant and unstoppable as they try every means possible to spread the gospel in times when movement and gatherings are restricted. But within a few months of lockdown in Kenya, life began to open-up again, slowly.

Pst. Louis Kimani in Nyandarua County, Rurii town, took this chance, to minister to motorbike riders (better known as boda-boda riders) with the help of Biblica East Africa through When Your Whole World Changes book donations.

Boda-bodas are very popular in Kenya, but mostly for all the wrong reasons like increase in road accidents due to careless driving and a lot of congestion and rowdiness along the roads making movement of people and other vehicles very hard. But Pst. Louis took a step of faith, that the word of God would turn this situation around for good.

He began to meet with 5 motorists at first. They would meet at an open market space, read the bible, discuss, share their thoughts and experiences, and then pray together. Business owners from the market would join in and pray with them. Other motorists who heard about this fellowship joined in as well. And now they are not just 5, but 45 members of the Rurii Boda-boda fellowship. They have given their lives to Christ. Accidents have reduced because there is more respect towards other motorists. Many of them used very harsh and foul language towards customers and locals, and that has now changed. There is more peace being experienced in this town and we are proud as Biblica East Africa, that we were part of this change.

Boda Boda riders listening during the outreach session

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