Biblica has been partnering with Alive to Serve in East Africa since 2009. This is a ministry that was founded to reach unreached people groups in Northern and Coastal regions of Kenya with a focus on Children.

Pst. Peter Wagura (right) with some Children Ministers from his Church in Tana River

One community reached this quarter was a village made up of Pokomo and Waata tribes. Most of the children are from a Muslim background and yet, they still joined the Bible study and received Treasure Hunt Bibles. One boy named *Musa* and his family were Muslims before his mother received Christ. Musa received a Treasure Hunt Bible and is excited to attend church and Bible study with other children.

“Musa” with his copy of the Treasure Hunt Bible

Another community that was reached was Gumba Village. This is one of the most forgotten communities in Kenya. They have no religion and there is no sign of a church or any other religious place of worship. Unfortunately, alcoholism is high as their main occupation is to make traditional liquor. Many families in Gumba live in poverty. Despite their difficult circumstances, children in this village developed a deep interest in the Treasure Hunt Bible, attracted by the appealing images and simple language. A regular Bible Study was established, and because the children come hungry, our partner provides food. Needless to say, this has drawn even more children to the Bible.

Children in Gumba village reading the Treasure Hunt Bible during Bible study

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