(AUGUST 2021)


Lingala is a language spoken by around 20 million people mostly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While it is the mother tongue of some, it is spoken by many more as the business language in the country. In fact, this language has been exported to neighboring countries through music. A very expressive language.

The Lingala people have had a bible done in their language by the Bible Society. In fact, a revision is also available. Biblica’s translation project was started as a contemporary version to ensure that all can understand God’s Word and be transformed by it. The project started in 1992 and launched the Legacy New Testament in 2004. Work on the full Bible then proceeded in 2003 with several stops and change in project team constitution. Over 50 people have worked on this project over its lifetime – we are grateful for each and every one of them. Some of them have preceded us into eternity. The final team was made up of 10 members, namely – Eddie Ndungi, Lucien Phanzu, Didier Sisa, Charles Mambote, Flory Mbengi, Eric Luwutanu, Emmanuel Wataki, Jean Mangono, George Diapoli, César Masanga.

These team members were assisted by the Africa Director of Translation and the technology team led by Kent Spielman.  This teamwork led to the completion of the Lingala Bible, Mokanda na Bomoi, which was launched on August 7th, 2021.

The Launch Event

Our former Biblica Director, Charles Diawaku, put together a local organizing committee to plan for the Lingala launch. Some of the members were church leaders, organizational heads and local pastors. Our launch partner was the ECC (Eglise du Christ au Congo) which is an umbrella organization that oversees all the evangelical churches in the DRC. Our commercial partner was Scripture Union, an international discipleship ministry that has been in operation for over 100 years.

Launch plans and meetings started from January 2021 to nail down venue, guests to invite, publicity of the Bible and all that pertains to a launch. Despite the pandemic and the looming lockdowns, we continued with plans and left room for any eventualities.

While we had wanted to have a guest list of about 200 people only, the Church in DRC was adamant that more Pastors needed to be at the event and that Covid protocols would be observed. They also directed that each invited Pastor donate a $5 gift per Bible as a show of appreciation. This was not a purchase since the Bible would retail at about $12.

The Launch was held at Cathedrale du Centenaire Protestant on August 7, 2021. The Biblica staff in attendance were Thomas Amoah, the Regional Director for West Africa and Rose Birenge, the Partnerships Director. In addition, there was a huge turnout of Pastors, Bishops and other ministry heads that graced the occasion. The entertainment was by the World-renowned Choir, Choeur la Grace.  The Bible dedication was led by  Monsignour Mpereboye, Vice President of the ECC . The Chief Guest. Rev. Dr. Bokundoa, President of the ECC, gave the final exhortation and benediction.

We also had in attendance a long serving member of the Biblica Africa Board, Prof. Masiala.

The launch started at 10.30 am and was concluded by 12.45 pm. The Pastors then made a que to each obtain a Bible at the agreed donation of $5.

The Bible has been very well received by the church and we see the need to go for a reprint soon to satisfy the need. The Neo – Apostolic Church had intimated their need for 10,000 copies, a lead we are pursuing. The military also are in line for an order for 4,000 copies. This is in addition to the numerous individuals who want their own personal copies.


Mgr. Mpreboye Mpere, Principal Pastor Cathedrale du Centennaire

When, I got my copy of Mokanda na Bomoi, our new Bible in contemporary Lingala, my first reflex consisted of thumbing up it to John 3.16. I was totally delighted to encounter a limpid and relevant translation!

Pastor Ilunga, National Director, Scripture Union DRC

 Finally, we have a full Bible in contemporary Lingala, and I exhort my fellow pastors to no longer use French Bible during Lingalaphone services and being interpreted. You may now read Scriptures directly from our Bible and allow your local congregation to listen to the Word in their natural language. Aso this partnership with Biblica has been a blessing for our 2 ministries.

We thank God for enabling Biblica to participate in providing God’s Word in today’s Lingala to the people of DRC. To God be the glory!

Some of the visuals from the Day

The venue of the Lingala Launch , Cathedrale du Centenaire Protestant

Part of the congregation in attendance

Pastors queuing up for a copy of the Bible.

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