There are many times we have limited an all-knowing, all-powerful God, to speak one language or just a few. While there are millions shut out from the truth of His Word. Therefore, it is our mission at Biblica to give everyone around the world an opportunity to be transformed by Jesus Christ, one language at a time.  

Because of this, we are happy to share the great news on the Luganda Reach for Life launch that happened in December 2021. It took place in four different towns, within and in the close environs of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Luganda R4L launch in Rwenjiri, Uganda.

On 1st December, it was held in Rwenjiri, on 2nd December in Ntiba, on 4th December in Kitongo and the final launch was on 6th December, held in Gospel Messengers, Lusaka. Some of these locations were very remote. The people did not understand English, so we had to use a translator. In each location, close to 600 people were in attendance.

Songs and dancing celebrating the R4L Launch in Ntiba, Uganda

There was great dancing, music, and celebration. They were very excited to receive a book that spoke directly into the issues they had been going through. This is because during the pandemic when schools were closed, there was a great rise in the number of teenage pregnancies, which meant many of them were engaging in sex. The Church saw the urgent need to minister to the youth but felt that they were not well equipped to do so. That is why, the Luganda Reach for Life was like an answered prayer to them. And at the end of these events, many young people made a commitment to purity.

In total we shared 4,020 copies of the Bible, but as of now, they have all been distributed and we have received many requests for more. We thank God for the lives reached.

Pray with us for:

  • Spiritual growth and maturity for everyone who received the Reach for Life Bible.
  • God to raise peer counsellors.
  • Resources to expand the programs to more towns
R4L Launch in Kitongo, Uganda
R4L Launch in Gospel Messenger Lusaka, Uganda
R4L Launch in Ntiba, Uganda

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