The Rising Generation

They say, Africa is a young population. And this is substantiated by the numbers with around 65% of the population living under the age of 24. Reaching this age group isn’t then an option, but a big opportunity that begs for a positive and lasting impact.   

With this reality at the background, we are partnering with Churches, fellowships and ministries to run the program. In the recent past, we reached 180 teenagers with the program. We introduced the R4L New Testament and raised youth-related issues with the target groups.

The Full Gospel Church youth pastor, Getahun, was greatly delighted by the program. He expressed their joy at the opportunity given by Biblica to the youth in the daylong teaching, question-and-answer and training.

Taking the youth through the material

Such a program was also run in a Wolisso town, south of Addis Ababa. More than sixty youth leaders and other full-timers were reached through the program. The impact was fully felt with the organizers once again praising God and thanking Biblica for such a wonderful opportunity. A number of topics that are considered as taboo at the pulpit were raised and we held candid discussions. They expressed their joy at the opportunity with some saying that they were indeed liberated by the flow of truth that will liberate the youth.  

Trainees at Wolisso

One participant had this to say about the program, “The sessions were excellent. It suits us well. We have already begun studying it.” An evangelist, Mengistu, shared his impression: “It was an amazing time. I was telling my wife about it. The training laid bare issues that have always been considered as taboo. I am very happy.”

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