When I first saw the title “Sex is Everywhere” on the Reach for Life Bible, I got goosebumps. Not because I didn’t know it is, but this was the first time someone was brutally honest and open about it especially in a Christian book. We do not like to accept the existence and negative impact of casual sex in the society and even within the Church. But young people across the world, are growing up confused on what is right or wrong because even those expected to be upright, are doing it. However, it is one thing to know something in theory, and another to come face to face with it.

During a mission to Trans-Mara West, a region west of Kenya in the Rift Valley, the KUZA team came face to face with a practical example of this statement. They met a teenage girl from the Maasai tribe, currently a form one student at Kilgoris Secondary school. Mary (not her real name), had for a long time known sex to be an activity that people do for fun. In the society she lives in, sex among young girls is very common. It was very normal to her, to the extent that she would sneak out of school to meet her boyfriend and then sneak back. At the time of this mission, she was pregnant and later gave birth at home. This is because, the pregnancy was kept a secret, to avoid being expelled from school.

She received Christ after going through the Reach for Life Bible and realising that Sex is not a game, but a gift from God that should be valued and done only in the way that pleases him. She was amazed at this revelation because no one had talk to her about this.

Mary is now among the teens and youths leading the Reach for Life groups in her village, during school holidays, when she is not in school.

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