Frontline Church:

The Church is God’s primary agent to reach those on the edges of society. In other words, those that live on the margins — the exploited, the discarded, the overlooked. We call this the “frontline” of the Gospel, or the Frontline Church. We have a long history of focusing on people in the margins, we continue to serve ministries and churches on the frontline of the Gospel by creating Scripture outreach resources tailored toward those who desperately need God’s Word – the unreached, unengaged, unchurched, unwanted, and unseen.

  • Equipping Leaders Program:

In Africa, the Church is growing very rapidly – so rapidly that new Christians are finding themselves in positions of leadership. Most of these new pastors and church leaders have never had any training in how to study or teach the Bible. Formal education is either too expensive or simply not available, especially in rural areas. Without a solid foundation in the Word, these leaders are vulnerable to false doctrines and teachings. That’s why Biblica is training pastors to accurately and truthfully study and teach God’s Word. Our Equipping Leaders program provides this training to those who need it most. Along with basic principles of Bible study and sermon preparation, these one to three-day seminars also give pastors a very precious commodity – a study Bible. For many, it is their first and only Bible.

  • Internally Displaced Persons Outreach (IDP)

Of the total 18 million displaced persons in Africa, more than 12. 5 million are internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in their own countries having been forced to leave their homes due to conflict. These people need to know that God cares for them and that Jesus died for them. Biblica avails the word of God to partners who work among IDPs to bring them the love of Christ in their language.

  • Community Bible Experience (CBE)

The Bible is really a story. Beginning with creation and winding all the way to Jesus Christ dying on the cross to save humanity. CBE encourages the Bible to be read in community and as a complete story rather than in ‘nuggets’ (single verses or chapters).

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Weekly Devotion

  • Disconnected from God? I feel as if God is far away; cold and unfeeling. Is he ignoring me? Is he too busy with other things? Does he still care? I feel so alone. It would really help to know thatGod hasn’t abandoned me in my time of need. From beginning to end, the Bible is the story ofGod’s love for all of humanity. The Bible assuresus that God wants to live with and through hispeople. God’s desire to be with us in all of lifedoesn’t change, no matter what ourcircumstances are or how we feel. When God delivered the Israelites from Egypt and… Read more